Visa Questionnaire: Please follow the link below to complete our Visa Questionnaire, being sure to answer all questions truthfully and completely, so that it is available to us at the time of your consultation.  Since the specific facts of your case will determine how we can help you, please do not omit any of the requested information.

Please note: Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) web browser is required to correctly display the online questionnaire.


Office Consultation: To request a consultation with us about your problem, please call us at 518-785-0175, toll free from the U.S.A. or Canada at 800-890-5744, or email us at We prefer to have the initial consultation in our office, in which event you should bring all relevant documents and the consultation fee with you on the day of the consultation.

Telephonic Consultation: If the distance is too great, we can consult with you via telephone.  In this event, you should provide all relevant documents and the consultation fee to us in advance of the day of the consultation.

Confidentiality: We will treat the information received from you as strictly confidential.  It will be used solely in connection with the consultation and will not be divulged to anyone without your permission.

Procedures: Please be fully prepared to discuss your problem and, if necessary, have a translator available.  Be sure that you provide us with all relevant documents so that they are available at the time of your consultation. We will analyze your problem, discuss possible solutions, and explain the nature of our professional services and fees.

Fee Policy: The fee for any consultation is $150, payable by check, money order, or major credit card.  Thereafter, if you want us to represent you, a retainer payment must be deposited with us before we can start working on your case. Any subsequent services will be invoiced in accordance with our regular office procedures.

Emergency: If there is an emergency which requires immediate action, please let us know when you schedule the consultation. Depending upon attorney availability and the nature of the emergency, we will do everything possible to try to accommodate your needs. Be prepared to explain the emergency situation, giving full names, dates, locations, telephone numbers, etc., and to immediately provide copies of relevant documents to us via facsimile at 518-786-1541, or via email to

Directions: See our Contact Page for our office directions.

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