Since forming their law partnership in 1994, Eric Copland and Barbara Brenner  have limited its practice to U.S. immigration and nationality matters.  Eric had previously limited his legal practice to U.S. immigration and nationality matters since 1980, and Barbara had been associated with Eric since 1990. See Partner Profiles for further details concerning their education, training and experience.

Upon forming the partnership in 1994, the firm adopted the “Declaration of Commitment to Clients” issued by the New York State Bar Association:

  • To treat clients with respect and courtesy.
  • To handle clients’ legal matters competently and diligently, in accordance with the highest standards of the profession.
  • To exercise independent professional judgment on behalf of clients.
  • To charge a reasonable fee and to explain in advance how that fee will be computed and billed.
  • To return telephone calls promptly.
  • To keep clients informed and provide clients with copies of important papers.
  • To respect a client’s decision on the objectives to be pursued in his or her case, as permitted by law and the rules of professional conduct, including whether or not to settle the case.
  • To work with other participants in the legal system to make the legal system more accessible and responsive.
  • To preserve the client confidences learned during the lawyer-client relationship.
  • To exhibit the highest degree of ethical conduct in accordance with the Code of Professional Responsibility.

In March 1995, the firm began publishing Immigration News, a monthly newsletter reporting on developments concerning U.S. immigration and nationality laws. The newsletter is distributed to clients and community leaders in the U.S. and overseas. If you would like to subscribe to Immigration News, please click here.

The firm focuses its efforts on mastering the ever changing complexities of U.S. immigration laws in order to provide thoughtful solutions to each client’s problem.  Because visa petitions and applications are adjudicated in the U.S.A. and overseas, the firm’s clients are located in numerous states and countries around the world. The firm utilizes the latest technology to facilitate communication with its clients and government agencies, maintain databases of client-related activities, and conduct legal and data research.

Underlying the firm’s use of technology is its recognition that the essence of good lawyering is a personal one-on-one relationship with the client. That relationship commences during the client’s initial consultation with Eric or Barbara and continues until the conclusion of the client’s case.

During the initial consultation with Eric or Barbara, the client is expected to fully disclose the entire truth (in confidence) about his or her case.  At the conclusion of the consultation, Eric or Barbara explains what professional services, if any, can be undertaken on the client’s behalf and estimates what fees will be incurred.  If the proposal is acceptable to the client, the firm enters into a written engagement letter with the client.  Payments are made by the client upon signing the engagement letter and as legal services are provided by the firm. As part of their professional responsibilities, the firm represents indigent clients, including those who are incarcerated, on apro bono basis. Whether as a paying or pro bono client, Eric and Barbara fully recognize their obligations to their clients under the Code of Professional Responsibility.